In Western musical theory a cadence is a particular series of intervals or chords that ends a phrase, section, or piece of music. Cadences give phrases a distinctive ending. An analogy can be made with punctuation, with some weaker cadences acting as commas, indicating a pause or momentary rest, while a stronger cadence will then act as the period, indicating the end of the phrase or musical sentence.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My New Cutie

The next day after I landed in US.. I realized that the life is harder without a laptop. Because to look for shops, bus routes, contact nos I had to have internet. Thats when I headed straight to an Apple store to fulfill my long awaited dream of joining the elite group of people who own a MacBook. I never expected the dream to come true so quickly as I got my MacBook delivered right into my hand in less than 20 minutes. And it was certainly a jackpot as I got a rebate on Apple iTouch and a printer as a student. I walked proudly out of the shop and reached the hostel carrying the laptop and the printer all the way without realizing that I had been carrying a load of more than 10 Kilos for about 2 miles. And getting the internet to work on my laptop was like a piece of cake. Once I started Safari I was taken to the Stanford site to register my laptop and boom..I got the internet up in five minutes. The time was about 3pm and I hadn't taken neither break fast nor lunch. The truth being the campus had no good restaurants around. So I started off immediately to my friends house in Santa Clara to spend the week end.....

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