In Western musical theory a cadence is a particular series of intervals or chords that ends a phrase, section, or piece of music. Cadences give phrases a distinctive ending. An analogy can be made with punctuation, with some weaker cadences acting as commas, indicating a pause or momentary rest, while a stronger cadence will then act as the period, indicating the end of the phrase or musical sentence.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer.....the best part of the year

I never thought summer would be so much fun... It's been a great time so far living on campus during summer. In fact it turns out to be the busiest quarter of all. Especially for the last couple of months I have been actively involved in my christian fellowship both at the church and at the campus. In fact we started a small bible study group for the Internationals, one at the Menlo Park Church and the other at Stanford. When I say we, it involves three of my other friends. Let me introduce them to you. Ming, a post-doc at the Chemistry department at Stanford. We met at a tea party in one of friends house. It's been a great time with him so far and we have become true brothers, sharing our happiness, difficulties and faith. These days we are actively orgainizing lot of activities for the small group that we are leading. We also visit several other christian groups around the bay area to connect with them. One key goal of our groups is to build very good relationships among each other. To know each other better. It's been a very blessed and encouraging time in my life working with Ming. The other two friends whom I'm working with are two girls from Korea, Ho-Jeong and KaYoung. I have had really good times with them so far. They are very kind, soft-spoke and of ultimate patience. I'm very lucky to work with them. Apart from the fun I'm having with these friends, I also do some research :-) To say the research work has been progressing quite well this summer. I recently got an office space to work from , which is kind of cool. I could spend more time in the lab and also interact with a lot of people. I'm very excited about few things that are planned within the next one month or so. First I'm gonna have a Korean BBQ dinner and watch Harry Potter @ IMAX coming friday with a good friend from church. On Aug 9th I'm gonna watch the SF Giants Baseball game with 16 other friends. This will be my first baseball game ever and I'm really excited about it. And from Aug 13-Aug 16 I'm going on a camping trip to Lake Donner. It's with a bunch of other international students from San Francisco State University. This will be my first camping trip.. Hope to see some bear :-) Also my friend from Japan, Yukik is visiting me from Aug 6th - Aug 20th. He knows very little english and I barely know Japanese (took classes for a month).. So it's gonna be a lot of fun talking to each other.. The other exciting thing is that I'm going to move off-campus to an other house with 3 other friends from my christian fellowship. They are really awesome guys and it's gonna be a great time.. what more can I ask this summer? Thank God for all the blessings during this time. I'll update about all the above activities as it happens.... thats all for now...