In Western musical theory a cadence is a particular series of intervals or chords that ends a phrase, section, or piece of music. Cadences give phrases a distinctive ending. An analogy can be made with punctuation, with some weaker cadences acting as commas, indicating a pause or momentary rest, while a stronger cadence will then act as the period, indicating the end of the phrase or musical sentence.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Those cute little hands... glittering eyes and loads of sad it is when a child with all these qualities suffers from a disease at a young age..Ronald McDonald House (  is one such organization that provides health care to children from underserved communities. It was beginning of this year that a friend from IVGRAD came up with a plan to give a moment of joy to this children as they enter the hospital for their treatment. We decided to hang a huge chandelier made of paper cranes which might draw the attention of the children coming for their treatments and make them feel happy...Over 8000 cranes were folded over a period of 3-4 months and it was during last month that we hung it at the Ronald Mcdonald's House near Stanford.. It was truly an amazing task.. revealing the love and affection for one another..