In Western musical theory a cadence is a particular series of intervals or chords that ends a phrase, section, or piece of music. Cadences give phrases a distinctive ending. An analogy can be made with punctuation, with some weaker cadences acting as commas, indicating a pause or momentary rest, while a stronger cadence will then act as the period, indicating the end of the phrase or musical sentence.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Leaving Chennai

It's been three wonderful days at Chennai. After the end of the hectic academic schedule at IISc, my stay at chennai gave me a refreshing holiday mood. I had a mix of all the fun and entertainment at chennai. Got to meet school friends (Karuppiah and Vignesh) and College friends (Mani). A good carnival at church. Had delicious food both at home and outside. And a good window shopping at Spencer's. After all this wonderful moments i'm on my way to Madurai to meet my dad and my dear friends senthil.. Eagerly waiting to taste the native delicacies @ my home town.. more updates after three days..

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Magesh said...

But u didnt meet someone called 'Magesh' while he was in Chennai..though he longed.Rajni unnai summa vidamaataar..!